Ideas for Birthday Cakes for 50-Year-Olds

Updated April 17, 2017

The 50th birthday is certainly a noteworthy event. Whether you honour the occasion with an elaborate event, a casual gathering or dinner for two, there is one tradition that should be a part of any celebration: the birthday cake. For an elegant occasion, you may want to order a cake from a bakery that specialises in occasion cakes. However, a homemade cake is a gift in itself that offers a personal sentiment. With a few supplies and creative ideas you can design a cake that represents the 50th birthday milestone.

Number 50 Cake

Bake two cakes that can be displayed as the number 50. Purchase cake moulds shaped as the number 5 and the number 0. Bake the birthday person's favourite cake according to the recipe. To feed a large group of people, a layer cake may be in order. Purchase additional cake pans so that you may bake at least two layers at a time. Repeat the baking process for as many times as you need cake layers. Top one cake with filling, stack a second cake on top and continue building in this manner until all of the layers are complete.

Alternatively, bake a large rectangle sheet cake and frost it. Frost the number 50 cake and place it on top of the centre of the rectangle cake. You can also represent the number 50 without using cake moulds. Candy flowers, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate kisses are just a few items that can be arranged atop a cake in the pattern of the number 50.

50 Cupcakes

Bake 50 cupcakes, frost them and arrange them on a large, flat surface in the shape of the number 50. To feed a crowd of more than 50 guests, place an additional round layer cake inside the 0 of the 50. For a smaller crowd, use miniature cupcakes to display the number 50.

Golden Cake

For the golden anniversary of the celebrant's birth, create a gold-themed cake. You can find golden cake mix in a box or search online baking sites for golden cake recipes. Prepare the batter according to directions, and bake in a traditional rectangle or round cake pan. Frost it with chocolate or white frosting. Cover the frosting with edible gold glitter (sugar crystals). Place a gold number 50 cake topper on the cake. Surround the cake topper with gold birthday candles. Serve the cake on a gold platter, with a gold cake knife. For a keepsake birthday gift, have the gold serving pieces engraved in honour of the occasion.

Over-the-Hill Cake

For the 50-year-old with a sense of humour, present an over-the-hill-cake. Bake a cake in an oven safe bowl. When it cools, place a plate over the top of the bowl and overturn so that the cake comes out onto the plate in the shape of a dome. Frost the cake with green frosting to make it look like a hill. Place a small figurine in the "over the hill" position on the cake.

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