Flat-panel TV wall ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Flat-panel television sets have become popular for two reasons. First, they are modern, sleek and gorgeous looking electronics. Second, they are versatile wall decorations that fit any room and any design style. Putting a flat-panel TV up on the wall does wonders for a room. There are many ways of doing it; you really need to take a look at some flat-panel TV wall ideas before you get started.

TV Frames

For many years, people have framed and hung family photographs and fine art pieces to decorate the walls of their rooms. A flat-panel television set is a lot like a family photograph or a piece of fine art with the exception that the pictures on the TV are changing constantly. Framing a flat-panel TV to make it look like a piece of high art adds minimalism and elegance to a room. Whether you make your own frame, have it custom built or buy one at a store, framing and hanging your TV on the wall will not only make your room look good, but it will open up some space when you take out the clunky, old entertainment centre.


A recessed television set is a TV that has been practically sunk and installed into, rather than onto, the wall. There are two advantages to recessing your flat-panel TV. First, aesthetics, especially if you have more than one focal point in a room like a fireplace or a focal wall. Second, the ability to make your room multifunctional. For example, if you have an in-home office, study or library which you want to double as a guest room or entertaining room, you can recess your television and add a shutter or sliding door to hide it when not in use. Unless you are handy with tools and electrical jobs, hire a professional handyman, electrician or carpenter to do the job for you. Some modern homes come with a recessed alcove, which is put in for this purpose and comes equipped with a hidden electrical socket for your entertainment centre.

Mounted Above a Mantle or Floating Shelf

There is nothing wrong with mounting your television set onto, rather than into, a wall. Mounting your flat-panel TV will not only be the easiest, but also the least expensive way of putting the TV up. You can simply buy a wall mount and have a handyman hang it up for you and hide away the power cables. It is still recommended that a professional install the television; if it's done improperly, the weight of the TV could tear the wall mount out of the wall, damaging both the wall and the TV. For added decor, mount the TV above a mantle or a floating shelf on which you can place other decorations such as vases, picture frames, candles and the like.

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