Ideas for an Anti-Drug Poster for Sixth Grade

Updated April 17, 2017

Involve your sixth grade students in a drug awareness program by making them an integral part of the campaign. Encourage them to make anti-drug posters to hang in the classroom or school halls and cafeteria. After arming them with statistics listing the harmful effects of drug use, allow them to use magazines, markers, paint and slogans they feel are suitable in each of their posters.

Split Personality

Use bifold poster board to create a side-by-side picture. On the left side draw half a girl who is happy and smiling. She has perfect teeth and clean, shiny hair. Her clothes are fashionable, and she is holding a diploma in her hand. On the other side, draw what you think she may look like after using drugs. Perhaps she doesn't take as much care with her hair, make-up and clothes. Draw dark circles under her eyes from staying up late as a result of being unable to sleep. Instead of a smile, draw a frown. In place of a diploma draw a joint or crack pipe. In the middle of the poster, list statistics on drug use in your town or state.

Up in Smoke

Draw a large fire engine parked in front of a house. In the windows of the house glue magazine pictures of a group of friends sitting or laughing together. In another window use a picture of a nice television and computer. In another, a cap and gown photo shoot. In the last window use words cut from magazines that spell out "potential," "future," "family," "love," and "friends." Colour flames coming from each of these windows and add the caption above the picture, "Don't Let Your Life Go Up in Smoke. Say No to Drugs!"

Drug Stats

List three or four popular drugs among youth in your area or drugs that are making headlines. Beneath each drug such as alcohol, marijuana, cold medicine (now popular among teens and preteens) and cocaine, make bullet points discussing each. Start with the common street names, the dangers, effects and use. Include magazine pictures or drawings of each drug.

No, No, No

Show the negative aspects of drug use by focusing on other "no's" involved. For example, draw a clock on the left side of the poster. Beneath it write the words "No Time." Use bullet points and pictures to depict no time to spend with friends, study, eat dinner with the family or enjoy activities. On the right side, write "No Money." Underneath this caption use bullet points and pictures of an empty purse, someone borrowing money from friends, pawning personal belongings and empty pockets.

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