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Updated February 21, 2017

The Vikings were an ancient race of water-bound warriors who rode the waves and had many adventures. Unfortunately, many of these included robbing what they needed from innocent people. Vikings are, however, a symbol of living a wild, free-form and adventurous lifestyle, and some available Viking games for kids help them emulate this adventurous spirit.

The Viking

Vikings were known for invading towns and looting them heavily, but this lighthearted game, available at, is a blood-free way for children to experience this lifestyle. In "The Viking," you play a Viking invading a town all by himself. You must attack angry defenders and take their money while avoiding cannon balls and other defences. The controls are simple, if a bit stiff. Use the control pad to move left, right, to jump and to climb ladders. Hit the space bar to attack. As you play, the defences will become much stronger and will be more difficult to defeat. However, it never gets too hard for children, making it an excellent game for beginners and more advanced gamers. The violence is portrayed in a cartoonish way and is inoffensive.

Viking Defense

One popular type of free, online gaming is the tower defence game. These games have an invading force following a preset path heading towards your home base. Your only defence is to build towers along the edge of these paths and destroy the invading armies. The types of towers vary, with each type having different strengths and weaknesses. They can also be upgraded. "Viking Defense," available at is a very typical game of this style. Vikings are invading your homeland via rivers. Build towers along the banks to repel them. It features a mouse-based interface, where you simply click your towers into place along the banks and click on all the buttons to upgrade and strengthen your towers. The game is simple enough for most children to pick up, but varied enough to challenge more advanced players.


Puzzle games are a light hearted, yet challenging way for children to have fun. "Icebreaker," available at, is a puzzle game that will bring children back for more. This game features arctic Vikings, trying to collect all of the lost Vikings throughout the levels. Many of these Vikings are frozen into ice, so you must break them out. You don't control the Vikings directly. Using your mouse, you draw a white line through the ice to chip away sections of the ice. Early levels are easy, as you simply have to chip away the ice surrounding the Viking and let him fall to your boat. However, careful control and planning is necessary in later levels, as the ice gets thicker, the boat gets further away and the Vikings get stuck in stranger positions. This gradually increasing difficulty makes it perfect for kids of all ages.

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