Surprise 30th Birthday Party Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Planning a surprise party can involve quite a bit of work--gathering friends and family, picking a location and date, and of course, keeping the guest of honour in the dark. When the birthday person is celebrating a milestone birthday such as turning 30, there are lots of ideas that can help you plan a surprise party, including themes, how to arrange the surprise, and even how to get the guests laughing on the special day.


When planning a surprise party, consider making it a theme event to maximise fun and guest participation. When the birthday guest shows up and sees everyone in hippie gear, or all in white, or dressed as his or her pet, or wearing sports paraphernalia, it will be a laughable and enjoyable surprise. Theme ideas are endless; if the birthday celebrant is a fan of a television show, have guests come dressed as characters. If she is a fan of the medieval era, have guests dress in Renaissance gear as knights, maidens, and royalty. Decorations can be used to further the theme.

Element of Surprise

It's no assumption that the birthday celebrant will be aware that his 30th birthday is approaching. Mask your surprise by making him think that no one remembered by encouraging friends and family not to mention the special day or party. Put fake events on your calendar for that day such as "doctor appointment" or "take cat to the vet." You can drop hints about having to be out of town that day, or set up an event to throw off the birthday person--if the party will be held in a restaurant, ask him to go with you to pick up some take out; if the party will be held in someone's home, say you need to stop by to return a video. Have guests park their cars out of sight.

Halfway to 60

If your birthday celebrant has a good sense of humour and feels young at heart, consider surprising her with a halfway-to-60 party. Gag gifts can include an inflatable walker, decorated cane, false teeth, and heart medicine. Decorate with foam tombstones, lots of black, and "over the hill" posters.

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