Ideas for Patio Surfaces

Updated March 23, 2017

Choosing the material for your new patio is going to depend on your style, the space you have and your budget. A new patio can drastically change how your yard looks and also offer a great area for entertaining. It can be also be a relatively low cost way to give your yard a makeover.

Brick or Tile

Brick and tile are both great options for a patio. Make sure you consider where you will be putting them: tile would do best in a covered area, and brick would be great in most situations. Also, consider the design of your house. If your home is brick, then matching that brick colour would be the best choice. Brick is also less expensive than tile.

Texture Patio Materials

Cobblestone, pebbles, and gravel are easy ways to create a patio that has texture. All of these come in many sizes and colours. They are also relatively easy to install. The area for the patio should be compacted and level, and the material is simply poured on top and levelled with a rake.

Cement/ Concrete

For a standard, no frills patio, you can also lay a cement or concrete block. While you can do this yourself by marking out an area and pouring concrete, there are also professionals who can make a quick job of it. While not the best aesthetic choice, it is the most durable. There are different colours available, and the ability to create designs is also available.

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