Cute Dachshund Gifts

Updated April 17, 2017

Finding a cute dachshund gift for the friend or family member in your life who worships the weenie dog will not be difficult. Creative, market-savvy online and brick-and-mortar businesses recognise the need for adorable dachshund goodies for you to present to your favourite dachshund fan. From clothing to dachshund tote bags, you will discover the perfect dachshund gift to delight the most avid dachshund devotee.

Cute Clothing

From socks to sweaters, clothing bedecked with dachshunds lets the recipient of your cute dachshund gift proclaim her love for the winsome weenie dog in her life. Aprons, trucker caps, slippers, jackets--fashion filled with dachshund motifs abounds. Whether you shop at the San Francisco Sock Market at Pier 39 or online from dachshund designers such as Sugar vs. Spice, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of cute gifts for the doxie lover who also loves comfy and colourful apparel.

Kitchen Kitsch

Dachshund-covered kitchen towels, potholders, placemats, window curtains, plates and platters will brighten any dachshund lover’s kitchen. The Hot Diggity Dog salt and pepper combo of a dachshund dressed like a bee and one dressed like a flower can bring a frisky and festive touch to your dachshund lover’s table. A coffee mug sporting a darling dachshund picture is just the thing to give to that weenie dog aficionado for both her breakfast nook and office cubicle.

Door Doodads

Dachshund-adorned welcome mats, door knockers and doorbell faceplates can all help your dachshund-loving friend greet her visitors, while cast metal or carved wood dachshund doorstops can add flair to her entryway. Give a long-little-doggy door snake as the perfect housewarming gift or a cast iron dachshund boot scraper to keep her carpets clean.


With dachshunds dangling from her ears, weenie dogs twisted around her wrists, and pooch pendants hanging around her neck, the beneficiary of your cute dachshund jewellery gift will dazzle the eye. A silver cuff bracelet in the slender shape of a short-haired dachshund can be found at Sky Mall. A brass and pewter dachshund pin found at the What’s Up Dox Dachshund Shoppe website strikes a joyful running pose.

Garden Goodies

From wind chimes with tinkling dachshund figures to concrete, stone or wood resin-moulded dachshund statues basking in the sun (e.g., the life-size dachshund from, you can brighten up your friend’s garden and patio area with durable replicas of weather-resistant wiener dogs. Dachshund-themed thermometers, outdoor lights, and mailboxes displaying dachshunds also make cute and useful gifts.

Gifts for Dachshunds

If you really want to please a dachshund lover, give him a gift for the dachshund he loves. Brightly-coloured bandannas to fasten around its neck, knitted sweaters for its long body, sneakers or boots for its tiny feet can be cute gifts, as well as’s Take-A-Long bag that lets your friend carry his weenie dog with him wherever he goes. Plush toys, treat-dispensing toys, and chase toys like the Boing Ball from Jake’s Doghouse will bring a smile to any dachshund lover. Shop on dachshund rescue websites (like Dachshund Rescue of North America) to support dachshund adoption. A donation in your dachshund lover’s name can also be a great present.

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