Government grants for gas central heating

Updated April 17, 2017

The Warm Front Scheme makes grants for Gas Central Heat readily available to English residents based on income and benefits received according to The CORGI Gas Safety Trust certifies trades people, who install gas appliances, and issues Gas Safety Notification Certificates for newly installed gas appliances. The maximum Warm Front Gas Central Heat grant has increased £800 from £2,700 to £3,500 in 2010.

Gas Central Heat Grants

The grant opportunity is up to £3,500 in 2010 from the English government to install gas central heat in a residence. Homeowners or those renting a private home who are over 60 or receiving one or more benefits may apply for the grant. A partial list of qualifying benefits includes pension credit, council tax benefit, maternity certificate MAT-B1, working tax credit, child tax credit, disability living allowance, housing benefit over 60 years old or with disability, war disablement pension, or industrial injuries disablement benefit according to If you have already received a Warm Front improvement grant, you are eligible for the maximum funds minus the amount of funds you have already received. Applicants may apply online from the Government Grants UK or Government Grants websites.

Central Heating Rebate £300

The Warm Front grants helped thousands of residents receive gas central heat to make their homes healthier and warmer. In December 2005, the government released a £300 grant to pensioners more than 60 years old who do not qualify for Warm Front grants as explained by The £300 rebate is to repair or replace an existing heating system or to install a new energy efficient central gas heating system. The £300 rebate is only for residents of England.

Energy Efficiency

The Warm Front Grant strives to help those who must pay more than one tenth of their income for heat to weather proof their home making it energy efficient. In addition to installing the gas central heating system, the Warm Front Team will insulate your loft with two layers of insulation and draught proof your windows and doors by placing plastic strips on the tops and sides of the windows and doors. The Warm Front Team will check the insulation around your hot water tank and surround it with a jacket if necessary. The gas central heat installed will be a boiler, pipe work, valves and five radiators. Open fire places can be fitted with a glass front to conserve heat.

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