Top Jobs for Introverts

Updated July 19, 2017

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Charles Schwab are well-known and successful introverts, and it's even possible that President Barack Obama is one as well. It's been reported that 40 per cent of professionals and executives have introverted personalities, according to Working alone, the ability to focus in depth and thinking before speaking are just a few characteristics of an introvert. This personality is not necessarily a career disadvantage. There are many career options for introverted individuals, and they can be successful in them.

Writers and Editors

According to, many introverts prefer writing to talking, using words to explain and tell a story instead of talking and verbally explaining. Writers typically complete assignments or projects alone, and brainstorming sessions and team-oriented projects are usually not part of their job. Novelists, technical writers, newspaper reporters, grant writers and editors are a few job examples. The salaries vary. According to, a career advice and information website, editors make an average salary of about £29,250, technical writers earn an average of about £35,750 and authors make an average of about £29,900.


Some introverts may choose to work as a surgeon. The education and training is long and challenging, but the earning potential is great. The national average salary is £156,000 to £234,000, according to Surgeons typically work with only a limited number of people, including nurses, other doctors and medical technicians, which is good for introverts.

Information Technology

According to, information technology professionals, such as software engineers, computer systems analysts and database administrators, work in a team-oriented environments but don't constantly interact with other co-workers. This type of position is ideal for many introverts. Many information technology professionals earn a good salary. According to, computer engineers earn about £53,300, while computer systems analysts earn about £44,200, says

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