Ideas for Presenting a School Research Project

Updated March 23, 2017

Through the completion of school research projects, students seek out information about topics of interest to them or germane to the subjects they are studying. Often, at the conclusion of a project of this type, students are asked to share their findings with their classmates. If creating a presentation of this type, consider ways to make your presentation more engaging and informative, making your audience more naturally eager to listen as you impart the information you gathered.

Digital Slide Show

Create a multimedia element you can use throughout your presentation by crafting a digital slide show. Use the slide show creation program of your choice to craft your show. Create slides for each of the major facts you will go over in your presentation, including any relevant pictures, charts or diagrams. Progress through the slideshow yourself, using a remote control to manipulate the computer or have a partner help you move through your slides. To make this multimedia element even more effective, print copies of your slide show for listeners to keep.

Tri-Fold Display

Create an information backdrop for your presentation by preparing a tri-fold display. Purchase a tri-fold board and fill the surface with titles, images and graphs that relate to your presentation. For example, if you are giving a presentation about the solar system, this board could include pictures of the planets along with 10 little-known facts about them. Put the tri-fold on display before your presentation, building excitement about the upcoming talk, and leave it up afterward so listeners can look it over as they have time.

Informational Handout

Give your listeners something to look at as you present by preparing an informational handout. Create a tri-fold brochure using a word processing or publishing program. In your tri-fold, include some of the most important information you present as well as any other information that, while useful, didn't make its way into your presentation. Create copies of this brochure for each of your listeners. Selecting this option is particularly wise if the information you are presenting is something for which listeners would have a use, such as tips for starting a babysitting business, as creating this brochure allows them to review this information in the future.

Musical Montage

Instead of jumping right into your presentation, create an engaging opening by preparing a musical montage. Using a digital moviemaking program, still images or video clips and a song of your choice, create a music video that relates to your presentation. Aim to use a song that is in some way related to the topic. For example, if you are giving a presentation about the 1960s, you could create a montage featuring some of the most intriguing images from the decade with the song "American Pie" playing in the background.

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