The Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you use a motorcycle as your main form of transportation or you tour for recreation and enjoyment, having a quality set of helmet speakers will enhance the enjoyment as well as the safety of your ride. Integrated speaker and microphone hardware allows a rider access to the radio, telephone and intercom communication when riding in pairs. Additionally, audio GPS navigation is made simple with the use of motorcycle helmet speakers.


Having big bulky speakers in the helmet of a rider will not last long for the simple fact of comfort ability and when comfort becomes impaired, safety becomes a factor. The speakers need to be loud enough to hear your tunes over the motorcycle engine and the wind swooshing around the helmet. For this reason it is recommended to try a pair while riding prior to purchasing. Although wireless would be the best choice, international standards for Blue Tooth are not enforced; therefore, all devices advertised to work with Blue Tooth may not operate with all Blue Tooth Hardware.


When so many other noise factors are involved, sound clarity is imperative. A rider wants to be able to turn up the volume to cover the sound of the motorcycle in order to hear the music or a riding partner. Often times, sound is distorted and clarity is sacrificed upon increases in volume. This is an important issue to consider when purchasing motorcycle helmet speakers and another reason to test the speakers while riding prior to making a purchase.


No one wants to pay an arm and a leg for two little speakers that go into a helmet that does not meet the rider's needs for quality, clarity and comfort. Many speakers range from £13 to £97. Even though there's truth in the statement, "You get what you pay for," a quality set of speakers that meet the requirements for safety, quality and comfort can be bought for around £19 from Iasus.


Not all helmet speakers come with a product guarantee; however, when a company has a quality product, it typically supports its brand by including a warranty with all new purchases. If comparison shopping and two items are similar in regards to bells and whistles, but one offers a warranty, a savvy shopper will choose the one that includes the warranty. Any warranty is better than no warranty when comparing apples to apples.

Recommended Manufacturer

When purchasing a pair of motorcycle helmet speakers, consider the size, comfort, clarity, sound level, durability and affordability. There are numerous manufacturers of helmet speakers and one of the top competitors is Iasus; quality in all aspects, from comfort to affordability.

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