The best paint colours with marble cerrera

Written by lane cummings | 13/05/2017
The best paint colours with marble cerrera
Marble gives any home a more stately, elegant appearance. (Adrian Peacock/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Marble in your home truly is a gift. It's a strong material with a high gloss finish that gives every room a stately, elegant appearance, Marble carrera comes in a variety of shades, from gleaming white to charcoal or light green, which means possible paint colours open you up to an array of options and possibilities.

Warm colours

For cooler colours of marble carrera, such as light greens and blues and particularly all shades of white and off white, warm colours like reds, oranges and golds can look quite striking. For example, a red wall or red stained wood furniture will look quite dramatic against marble columns or walls. Marble has an inherent coolness to it, not just in appearance but in actual temperature as well, so warmer colours in a room such as with bronze or gold painted accents in a marble bath or a red or orange paint job above a marble floor, can go a long way in making a room seem more lived in and less like a museum.

Complementary colours

Paint the walls that surround your marble carrera accents and fixtures colours that are similar enough to the natural shade of the marble to complement it but different enough so that it showcases the marble. For example, for standard white marble carrera, paint the surrounding walls a white, cream or oatmeal colour, which will create a harmonious colour combination and also give the marble carrera a subtle spotlight. For example, in a kitchen with marble countertops, paint the walls a light champagne or cream to keep the sense of lightness in the room but to help the marble standout.

Detailed colours

Truly examine the flecks and streaks of colours that occur in your marble. For example, in a piece of white marble carrera, there might be streaks of charcoal, grey, dark blue or hunter green, depending on the individual piece of marble. To really showcase your marble, select paint colours that match the flecks of stone in the marble, which will bring out the complexity of colour in your piece of marble and allow the nuances of colour in a given piece of colour to come through.

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