Cheap privacy fencing ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Relaxing in the privacy of your own yard is great, but what happens when there is no privacy? The solution is to build a privacy fence. Fences, though, can be expensive, especially if you hire a fencing company to do the job. A better solution is to find a cheap way to build a privacy fence so you can enjoy your time outdoors. There are several good ideas about how to go about making a fence that will not cost you a lot of money.

Cost Sharing

To keep the cost of building a privacy fence down, cooperate with a neighbour or neighbours to share the cost. If it is a do-it-yourself project, ask friends and neighbours to help by donating their time or expertise. Another way to get a fence built cheaply is to use the age-old barter system. This will only work if you have a service or product that others want or can use. Offer to exchange your service or product for a fence. Post ads at lumber yards or in local newspapers.


Recycling and repurposing is an excellent way to reduce or even eliminate the cost of materials. If you know of anyone who is tearing down old fencing or if a building with a fence is condemned and due for demolition, ask if you can salvage the fencing material. Ask for scrap lumber or fencing at your local lumber yard. Larger pieces of scrap lumber can be cut to size by using a saw. Old bricks or stones can also be used to make a wall, but it will take a lot of this material and it will be more labour intensive.

Trees and Shrubs

For a relatively inexpensive and natural privacy fence, use plants. Good fast growing plants for creating a barrier or fence are cypress trees, arbor vitae, bamboo or plants like hibiscus that will form a hedge. Because they grow fast, it will not take long before they fill out. To keep costs low, ask a local nursery or garden supply store if they have any plants on clearance or that they would not mind giving away for free. Sometimes a nursery has plants that are not pretty enough to sell and will give them away. Bamboo can be planted from free cuttings if you know someone who has bamboo in their yard.

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