Creative DVD Storage Ideas

Written by trinise l. castro | 13/05/2017
Creative DVD Storage Ideas
There are many creative ways to store DVDs. (Jupiterimages/Creatas/Getty Images)

Some people prefer to simply stack their disks against a wall to store them. DVDs may be categorised by type, such as action movies, suspense or dramas. They can also be arranged in other ways, like series or sitcoms. The DVDs can be stacked in various ways to form a creative design. One idea is to stack them up high, to form a tower, using only the DVDS; however, it can be challenging to obtain one from the bottom of a tall stack, without having all the disks above it topple over. So you may want a more creative and functional solution -- especially for a large collection of DVDs.


A storage cube is a portable, square storage container. Storage cubes come in various colours and sizes. Most storage cubes can store multiple disks. Place as many disks as you can fit -- titles facing up --inside each cube. When you fill up each cube, stack the cubes on top of each other. You can also place the storage cubes of varying colours next to each other to create a DVD storage design.

Storage Ottoman

If you want to keep your DVD collection out of sight, consider putting it into an ottoman. An ottoman is a piece of furniture usually used as a foot rest or to rest items upon. This type of multipurpose ottoman provides both a practical place to keep your disks, as well as a place to put items on top of. A storage ottoman includes a hidden compartment to hold items. DVDs can be stacked inside and stored until you want to use them.

Storage Cabinet

A storage cabinet is typically used to store items like clothing, food and books. Storage cabinets usually have double doors or a single door to hide away your DVDs. Some cabinets may even have recessed doors that allow you to show or hide your disks as you choose. The multiple shelves inside provide ample storage for your DVD collection. You can even stack some disks vertically and others horizontally to be more creative with your storage solution.


Wicker baskets can be an unexpected and creative storage solution for a disk collection. DVDs fit nicely into square-shaped or rectangular baskets. Placing the disks vertically into the basket allows you to see them better. The DVD-filled baskets are handy enough to place virtually anywhere -- such as on a shelf or table, or inside a closet.

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