Pre-wedding gifts for a bride

Pre-wedding gifts for a bride can be found everywhere. Whether you are looking for ideas on what to bring for a hen party or bridal shower, the possibilities in stores and online are limitless. Instead of buying standard presents, create some of your own unique personalised gift baskets to present your friend on her big day.

Wedding Night Baskets

Special lingerie tailored to the big night, after the big day, can be found at speciality shops and online shopping websites. Buy a pretty set that matches your friend's personality for her pre-wedding gift and personalise it even further by adding there wedding date or the bride and groom's name in funny ways on the set. For example, stitch "Mr. & Mrs. James" across the backside of a white lace pair of panties or "Official Bride of James Jones" across the front of a negligee. Put massage lotions, candles, and aromatherapist in the basket, along with some sensual treats such as chocolate dipped strawberries and grapes. Throw in a favourite bottle of wine, two glasses and a custom CD featuring the couple's favourite love songs.

Honeymoon Baskets

Go a step further and create a gift basket for a bride that contains extra necessities for the rest of her honeymoon. A small breakfast basket is great for the new husband and wife to eat in bed the morning after with jams and jellies, small pieces of bread and some more fresh fruit. Buy her a new bikini or swimming costume, a cover-up, suntan lotions, a cute hat and haircare products for a sunny destination. Throw in some small bottles of her favourite liqueur or single coffee packets, in case she can't find her brands for sale wherever she goes. For a Pre-wedding gift for a bride that is going to a colder destination on her honeymoon, purchase cute earmuffs and other winter gear and throw in hot chocolate packets.

Housekeeping Baskets

For the woman who already has it all when it comes to bachelorette presents and bridal shower gifts, create a housekeeping basket for use when she returns home. This could be samples of green cleaning products, along with a personal letter of time saving tips that you use . Include a certificate for a free subscription to a popular magazine for either stay at home wives or working women that balance a career and family. Include gift cards to local takeout restaurants along with cookbooks or a funny or actual advice book on housekeeping with designer dish washing rubber gloves (usually pink or blue with feathers attached at the wrist) and a gift of one months housecleaning services. The greatest pre-wedding gifts for a bride that you can give are ones that will help her after the honeymoon is over and she has to face reality once again.

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