Ideas for a Golden Wedding Celebration

Fifty years of marriage is a milestone that few couples can achieve. It is important to celebrate a golden anniversary and the love the couple has shared for so many years. This party should be a reflection of the couple's life together, and this event should be commemorated with their close family and friends.


Send invitations to the party that feature two different pictures of the couple. One should be a more recent photo; the other should come from the couple's early years together. You could also hire a cartoonist to draw an amusing caricature of the couple. Remember to add the important information pertaining to the party, such as the date, time, place and whether or not to bring a gift.


Gold is the traditional symbol of the 50th wedding anniversary, and so this colour should be the main theme of the party decorations. A banner that sports the couple's name could be hung in the front of the room to greet the guests as they enter the event. Cover the tables with gold tablecloths, and make centrepieces from gold balloons and golden candles. You could also make a collage of photographs of the couple over the years and place it in a prominent spot in the room.

Food and Drinks

Select a menu of the couple's favourite foods. If you are catering the affair, inquire if the couple's favourite restaurant will prepare the food for the party. Serve champagne to celebrate the anniversary and make a celebratory toast. If the couple has kept their wedding cake topper, use this as a decoration for the anniversary dessert. Otherwise, make a topper from golden leaves or cupids.


Ask the guests to recount stories of the couple's life together over the past 50 years. You may want to place a few boxes of tissues throughout the reception hall because the stories may become very sentimental.

Party Favors

Give all of the guests personalised party favours that feature the couple's name and the date of the event. These party favours could be miniature candy bars, candy tins or small bags of chocolate-coated candies. Place a few small, gold flower vases on top of the reception tables. Place one or two roses in each vase. Encourage the guests to take these vases home with them as a memento of the evening's events.

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