Alternatives to net curtains

Net curtains are usually the ideal method for shading a home and keeping out the bright light and heat during the late spring and summer. However, many people do not care for the look of net curtains and search for alternatives.

Musberry Blinds

Musberry blinds are designed to allow you to look outside, but block people outside from looking in. They can also last for many years. The best feature of Musberry Blinds, though, might be that they do not require constant washing and not lose colour after being washed.


Voiles are light fabrics made of cotton designed to cover the window and shade it completely. Transparency varies based on the kind you purchase, and some voiles allow you to look outside and blocks others from looking in. Voiles can also be decorative to a room. The bright colours and designs of the voile you choose could turn a drab home into a beautiful palace.

Muslin Sheer

Muslin sheers drape over windows. They can be left open so that they hang at either side of your window, displaying the outside world Or the sheers can be closed, granting the privacy you so vitally need from time to time. They also come in many colours and styles, meaning you can choose one which suits the colour of your house and increase the beautify of your home.

Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film is a light vinyl film with an adhesive applied to its back that allows it to be stuck onto any side of any window. The film blocks out strong light and blurs the view for outsiders, imitating the look of a window covered in winter frost. Frosted window film can serve to eliminate unsightly views from your window, while letting in just the right amount of sunlight to brighten the room a bit.

Reflective Film

Reflective film is the perfect, cheapest alternative for anyone looking to keep outsiders from looking in while still being able to see out. Reflective film makes your window like a two-way mirror. You can see outside clearly, but people outside only see the reflection. With this easily applied film, you can maintain the utmost privacy when taking a look at the neighbourhood from indoors.

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