What Foods Naturally Produce More Testosterone?

Updated February 21, 2017

Testosterone is a male hormone secreted in the brain that helps regulate many chemical processes in the body, most notably the growth and maturation of sex organs. For testosterone deficiency, you can naturally increase your hormone levels by eating foods known to promote the production of testosterone in the body. These foods are common and can be eaten daily due to the lack of known side effects. Speak to your doctor for more information on testosterone treatments.

Eggs for Testosterone

Foods high in vitamin B6 can be consumed to increase testosterone levels naturally, according to the Libido-Increasing-Food website. Eggs are an excellent source of vitamin B6 and other nutrients. These vitamins can also help fight stress and imbalance of other hormone levels in the body, which can lead to a low sex drive or libido in some patients. However, some people are allergic to eggs or egg whites and should therefore speak to a medical professional before choosing this food item as a means to increase testosterone levels.

Asparagus for Testosterone

Another food known to increase testosterone levels in the body is asparagus. This vegetable is commonly found at any supermarket and contains a high level of vitamin E. This vitamin can help stimulate testosterone secretion in the brain, thus increasing the volume of the hormone in our bodies naturally. Females and males have differing levels of testosterone. Asparagus can be helpful for either sex. Asparagus does cause some minor side effects, however, including smelly or discoloured urine shortly after consumption.

Oysters also states that eating raw oysters can be helpful in stimulating testosterone production in the body. As the website suggests, oysters contain high levels of zinc, which is a mineral that can stimulate the brain to produce more of the sex hormone. Be sure to thoroughly scrub the shell of raw oysters to remove any dirt or excess minerals from the food before consuming. In addition, patients with an allergy to seafood should consider other options.

Other Zinc Foods

According to the Nutritional Supplements Health Guide, foods high in zinc can help increase testosterone levels in the body. Foods such as turkey, chicken, lobster, clams and most seafood contain high levels of zinc. If you are a vegetarian, dairy products such as eggs and milk can be used as alternatives to meat.

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