Herbs to Purge Your Liver

Written by susan kaye
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Herbs to Purge Your Liver
Green tea has antioxidant effects useful for liver function (Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

The liver cleans the body of toxins and aids with the process of digestion. It produces bile and contributes to cholesterol production. The liver is the main organ whose purpose is to process medication, foods, excess fats, alcohol and toxins, remove poisons and be the gateway for healthy assimilation for the body. What with all the use, and sometimes the abuse received by the liver, it’s a good idea to perform a herbal cleanse to help this important organ function to its maximum potential.

Milk Thistle

Lise N. Alschuler, naturopathic doctor and clinical medical director of Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington, explains how the herb milk thistle cleanses, decongests and protects the liver, although it is not fully understood how. The herb is able to stimulate the action of the liver, assisting the flow of bile through the liver and the gall bladder. It has also been shown to be beneficial in decreasing liver enzymes, and in clinical trials, extend the survival rate in certain alcoholics suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. She suggests that milk thistle may be an effective treatment for alcohol-induced damage to their livers. Milk thistle is prescribed by herbalists in cases where the liver requires protection from toxins from medication, liver degeneration and alcohol. No side effects have been reported. The best and easiest way to take milk thistle it is in capsules from extract because it is not easily dissolved in water. There is no standard recommended dosage. Ask a herbal practitioner to prescribe the best dose for your individual needs.

Green Tea

Green tea has a high concentration of catechin, a compound that is said to have antioxidant effects useful for liver function, according to LiverDisease.com. Allergic skin reactions, fever and the breakdown of red blood cells may be produced by high medicinal doses of green tea, so supervision by a qualified herbal practitioner is necessary.


<p>LiverDisease.com explains that dandelion may increase the flow of bile as well as contribute to improving jaundice and hepatitis. Liver function has been strengthened and improved with the use of dandelion by herbalists for centuries. Speak to your herbalist for doses appropriate to your case.

Black Pepper

Black pepper may lessen some of the destructive effects from certain toxins on the liver. It also protects it from losing natural antioxidants located in the liver. Mother Nature.com points out that peppers combined with herbal ginger, help to improve the intestines' ability to absorb other herbs.


Turmeric is said to have strong antioxidant properties which enables it to halt liver damage because of inflammation as a result of exposure to various liver toxins, reports LiverDisease.com.

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