Can drinking vinegar harm your unborn child?

Updated February 21, 2017

There are many old wives tales when it comes to pregnancy, such as dairy intake can make you have a boy, it's bad luck to share the pregnancy before 12 weeks and even that drinking vinegar can hurt or terminate your pregnancy. While drinking vinegar can make you sick if you drink too much, knowing how it can affect your pregnancy can allow you to use vinegar safely and to your advantage while pregnant.


A common myth is that drinking vinegar can hurt or even kill the foetus during pregnancy. Many believe this myth because vinegar is high in acidity which some think can hurt a foetus, but like acidic fruits and other acidic foods it has no effect whatsoever. The only harmful effect vinegar could carry for pregnancy is that drinking it with its potent flavour could possibly make you sick. On the contrary, vinegar can have benefits to a pregnant woman that in turn can make for a safe, smooth pregnancy.


Heartburn is a common problem many pregnant women suffer from, but taking over-the-counter medications isn't always safe, as some contain chemicals like aspirin, which isn't advised for pregnant women. Raw apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy that can be used for heartburn and can help to balance out the acid imbalance that contributes to heartburn. Mixing a tablespoon with 2 cups of water and drinking the concoction can help fight off bouts of heartburn.


Nausea is another ailment most pregnant women face, especially in the first and second trimesters when morning sickness is prevalent. Raw apple cider vinegar can combat nausea and works much like it does to treat heartburn in calming the stomach acids. Drink the mixture of 2 cups to 1 tablespoon at times of nausea. To further soothe your stomach heat up the mix like a tea and slowly sip it.

Safe Cleaner

While it is safe for pregnant women to use cleaning products there are some dangers if they are used improperly, such as inhaling vapours or accidentally ingesting products. To avoid these worries you can use white vinegar as a safe, all-natural substitute to chemically-based cleaning products for the duration of your pregnancy. White vinegar is effective in killing bacteria and odours, so use it on floors, counters, mirrors, windows or add a cup into your laundry wash to clean clothes.


While vinegar in any form is not harmful to your baby, if you want to drink it all the time on a constant basis this can be a sign of pica, which is a condition many pregnant women get in which they crave something that carries no nutrition. Pica can also be a signal of underlying health issues during pregnancy, so it should be discussed and diagnosed with your doctor, who can help you to ease cravings for vinegar and implement a healthy pregnancy diet.

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