Linking verb games

Written by kahlea pendleton
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Linking verb games
A linking verb helps describe a state of being for the subject. (Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Linking verbs do not express "action" like regular verbs such as jump, run and clap. Instead, linking verbs connect the subject of the verb to additional information about the subject. Linking verbs are forms of the verb "to be": is, was, were, will be, and had been. Linking verbs also express verbs of "sense": seem, appear, look or smell. A linking verb may connect the subject with a noun, a pronoun or an adjective. If you are having problems understanding linking verbs, games are a fun way to learn new information.

Linking Verb Jeopardy

Play a linking verb Jeopardy game to help learn linking verbs. A project board or a large poster board can be used to make the Jeopardy board. Categories to choose from include connect the subject with a noun, connect the subject with an adjective and connect the subject with a pronoun and random linking verbs. An example of a question and answer problem could be, The category is "Connect the subject with an adjective." For 100 points, what is the linking verb in the sentence: "Tommy seemed nervous." The student will answer, "What is seemed." Each category should have from 100 to 500 points. For each point, create questions or phrases for other players to guess. Whoever has the greatest number of points at the end of the game is the winner.

Crossword Puzzle

Create your own linking verb crossword puzzle game. To make the game more challenging to solve, allow another person to add linking verbs sideways or cross-ways on a piece of paper and add random letters all around those linking verbs. Then seek out the words within the puzzle.

Flash Card Game

Create flash cares out of four-by-six inch blank index cards and write out a linking verbs on each one. Have another person show you the flash cards and each time you see a linking verb, you can create a sentence using that particular linking verb.

Linking Verb Hangman

For this game you will need a partner, pencil and paper. Choose a person to be the executioner. The executioner will think of a phrase with a linking verb for you to guess. The executioner then draws a scaffold on a piece of paper and short lines for each letter in a word at the bottom of the paper for the phrase. The other person guesses each letter. Each letter that is guessed correctly, the executioner writes on the short lines. If the guess is wrong, a body part of a stick figure is drawn on the scaffold. Keep playing the game until the whole stick body is complete or someone wins by guessing all of the right letters in the linking verb phrase.

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