Last Minute Homemade Masquerade Costumes

Updated April 17, 2017

Masquerade balls go back all the way to medieval court life and they are highly reminiscent of the Renaissance. The opulent costumes and mysterious masks allowed for the nobleman to interact with the servants; the mask served as a symbol for freedom through anonymity. Masquerade parties have always been popular, providing guests with the chance to hide their identities and wear fun costumes. Most people spend months preparing their costumes and masks for an upcoming party but with a little creativity you can pull together a last minute homemade masquerade costume.

It's All in the Mask

The mask is what defines the masquerade ball. You absolutely cannot go to a party without a mask. But don't worry, there's no need to spend a fortune on a Venetian-made mask. Use a little craft skills and you can create something at the last minute that is unique and one of kind. Start off with plain black or white cardstock. There are hundreds of mask templates online. Select a style that works for your face shape and print it out. Use the template to cut out the shape on the cardstock. Make two slits on the sides of the mask and thread ribbon through them ensuring that it wraps comfortably around your head. Now you have a base for your mask.

Decorate the Mask

Now is the time to get creative. Decorate your mask any way you please: exotic, classic or themed. Examine all the arts and crafts items you have at home, pull out any scrapbooking embellishments you have laying around, your children's glitter, sequins, feathers, dried flowers and paints. Choose something classic like gluing red sequin ribbon on the entire mask or you can do something glitzy like gluing feathers and painting the mask in an exotic design. Scrapbooking items work wonderfully on a masquerade mask, especially if you have faux flowers and leaves. Glue the flowers and leaves on the mask for a nature inspired mask.


The easiest last minute outfit is a monochromatic look that matches your mask. If you selected to go classic with a red sequin mask, you can wear a simple black dress and sky high black heels. If you went with an exotic feather mask, you can a dress in jewel tones or all white with glittering accessories. If you went for a flower mask, pick something out of your closet that is nature-inspired. Your outfit should compliment your mask.


Whip out the Halloween accessories and pull out any old capes. A simple black cape adds drama to your red sequin mask and black dress. You can also sport red lips and a messy up-do to pull the look together. If you have any leftover feathers, consider throwing your hair in a dramatic up-do and strategically placing feathers in your hair. Play up your features by adding costume make-up in bold gold and jewel colours. A flower mask can be greatly enhanced by cut fresh flowers from your garden. Add them to your hair for a very organic beautiful look. Wear simple nude make-up to play up the all-natural theme.

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