Average Cost of Installing a Brick Paver Patio

Updated February 21, 2017

There are few more pleasant experiences than spending a day or evening relaxing on an outdoor patio. Brick patios offer the opportunity for dining and recreation, and they can be built relatively quickly. Several types of materials are available to build a patio, including brick pavers, which are very easy to fit together to create the perfect look. Costs for brick paver patios depend on their size and specific building materials, though.

Patio Cost

Building costs for patios of any type are figured by the square foot, which includes the patio blocks or pavers and their installation. The Tile Tech Pavers website says the cost to have a brick paver patio built is £6 to £13 per square foot. A 15-by-20 foot brick paver patio would range from £1,950 to £3,900. Brick pavers start at .50 each or between £3 and £9 per square foot.

Reducing Costs

One option for reducing the cost of a brick paver patio is to buy the bricks and other materials and build the patio yourself. An article in the Arizona Republic on do-it-yourself patio building says that the average person is able to build a patio in a couple of weekends. The estimated cost of materials for a 15-by-20 foot patio is about £715.

Patio Materials

Brick pavers come in many different sizes and shapes. Typically, patio pavers are set on a base composed of crushed gravel over which sand is laid. Also, the brick pavers need to be tightly held together, usually by some sort of solid border. The easiest border to build is made of landscaping timbers attached to the ground with rebar pins and joined together with special fasteners.


Before having a brick paver patio built, shop carefully for both materials and professional installers. Average costs vary widely, and you may be able to negotiate with different patio professionals for lower prices. As of 2011, professional installation costs for a 15-by-20 foot brick patio average about £1,478. Also, many home improvement stores offer free classes on how to build a patio. They will supply brochures and do-it-yourself instructions as well.

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