Alternative Potting Sheds

Written by jan czech | 13/05/2017
Alternative Potting Sheds
You don't need a potting shed to be a successful gardener. (Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images)

A dedicated potting shed, a stand alone devoted to garden supplies and storage with an area to pot plants, is a gardener's dream. Not every gardener has the lawn space to devote to one but with a little imagination you can create a potting area by repurposing an existing space inside or outside your home.

Mud Room

A mudroom is a space generally located near the backdoor providing a transition between the outdoors and the home's living spaces. Because it is close to the yard, it is an ideal place for a potting area. If your mudroom is large enough, reserve a spot against the wall and install a sink and countertop. Hang shelves above for storing items like spades, pots and gardening gloves. Store seeds in wooden boxes and hang gardening utensils on hooks next to the sink and countertop. A curtain hanging from the bottom of the sink hides plumbing and creates more storage space.

Laundry Room

A laundry room can serve double duty when setting aside a potting area. If you have a front-loading washing machine, install a countertop over the washer and dryer forming a workspace. Hang shelves or cupboards above it and designate separate storage areas for laundry and gardening supplies. A tile or vinyl floor makes cleaning up wet spots and soil spills easy, and the stationary tub provides water and a spot to perform messy tasks, such as repotting plants.


Empty a corner of your garage. Install a workbench or table, or build a counter attached to the wall or supported by cabinets underneath acting as a work surface. Hang a pegboard above it for organising small tools, gloves, hats and other gardening supplies. Install shelving for storing larger items like pots, bags of soil and watering cans.

Potting Bench

In mild climates with little rainfall, an outdoor potting bench might be the alternative to a garden shed. In harsher climates, tuck your potting bench under a stand of trees, a protected deck or locate it on your back porch. Potting benches come in different shapes and sizes and in a variety of materials. Make your own or purchase one from a home improvement store or nursery. A basic potting bench has a large, flat work area and a shelf for storage. Some benches have drawers for extra storage and hooks on which to hang tools. Others feature wheels for moving from spot to spot. Folding potting benches are easy to store when the season is over.

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