Cost of replacing gutters on soffit & facia

Updated February 21, 2017

House gutters may need to be replaced due to tree limbs falling on the gutter system, excessive rust or other damage. The cost of new gutters depends on the material and quality of the gutter.

Aluminium Gutters

A new aluminium gutter system will cost approximately £3 to £5 per linear foot at the time of publication, according to MGI Home Inspections. Down spouts range from 60p to £3 per linear foot, while gutter screening will add 90p to £5 per linear foot, depending on the type. Aluminium gutters has benefits over other guttering systems, because the material is lighter and easier to handle. The cost of aluminium gutters is average compared to other gutters systems.

Galvanised Steel Gutters

Galvanised steel gutters are a good choice in harsh climates and are stronger than other types of guttering. The gutters are more expensive than aluminium and cost estimates range from £1.90 to £7 per linear foot, which vary depending on the region of the country and the gutter manufacturer. Again, downspouts and screens will add to the cost.


Copper is the most expensive type of guttering material. The copper guttering holds up about the same as steel gutters, but does add to the look of the home. Homeowners should be aware that copper turns green or brown over time. When installing copper guttering, you should use a neutral paint colour for the exterior of the home. MGI Home Inspection places the cost of copper guttering from £5 to £7 per linear foot.

Vinyl Guttering

Vinyl is a common, inexpensive guttering material. The cost of vinyl gutter replacement is between £1.90 to £3 per linear foot, according to Vinyl guttering does not hold up as well as the other types of guttering. Harsh weather conditions can cause the vinyl to warp, chip or crack.

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