The Average Cost of Wood Fencing

Written by amanda williams | 13/05/2017
The Average Cost of Wood Fencing
The price of wood fencing varies. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Wood fencing is an effective means of establishing home safety and protection for your family, friends and pets. With a fenced in space, your property has a designated outdoor area meant for enjoyment and relaxation. The cost of installing a wooden fence on your property is dependent on several factors.


The cost of your wooden fence greatly depends on the material used to build the fence. Many types of wood are available, from pine to cedar, that affect the overall cost. For example, a 48-square foot panel of spruce pine wood costs £19 to £32, as of July 2011, while the same size panel of redwood costs £22 to £48, according to Cost Owl. The quality of the selected material also contributes to the cost.


The size of your fence affects the cost since the more material needed to complete the project, the more you'll spend. If you're building a wood privacy fence, expect to pay up to £1,170 for a 100-foot long fence and upwards of £3,250 for a 300-foot long fence as stated on Cost Helper.


When installing your fence, you have two options: hire a professional or install it yourself. When hiring a professional, hire someone experienced and insured. Acquire several quotes before choosing a professional. Hiring a professional to install your fence is typically expensive. For example, for 150 linear feet of wood fencing in Chicago, Illinois, expect to spend between £401 and £603 just for installation, according to Home Wyse.


Picking up the materials and installing the fence yourself saves up to 50 per cent, as stated on Cost Helper. If you've never installed a fence before, you'll probably want to hire a professional.

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