Why Are Some of My Uploads Not Showing on My YouTube Channel?

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you are using your YouTube channel for marketing your business or just as an outlet to share your videos with family and friends, it can be frustrating to find that your videos are not getting the exposure you thought they were. If you're having trouble with video uploads not appearing on your channel, there may be a number of settings that need to be changed in order to view the videos properly.

Top Views

When you navigate to your YouTube channel, you may see a number of formats, based on your personal preferences. Typically, this includes one main video that may play automatically when the channel opens, as well as a number of other "featured" videos to the left, right or below the main video. If you have several videos on YouTube, they will not all be displayed here -- only a sampling of videos that you have set to display will be showing.

Change Your Arrangment

Changing the videos that appear on the front page of your channel is quite simple. Look for the "Uploads" section, click on the "Switch to Grid View" icon and select "Arrange Uploads." From there, you'll be able to drag and drop your top six videos into the window that everyone will see when they visit your channel. You can also switch from six to 12 "top views" by clicking the drop-down menu.

Private and Unlisted Videos

One reason some of your uploads are not showing up on your YouTube channel could be that the video is set to "private," meaning it's not available for public viewing. To change this, click on your username from the top right of the YouTube platform, then click "Uploaded Videos." This will display a listing of all your uploaded videos. Click on the video you want to change and select "Edit." Scroll down to "Broadcasting and Sharing Options" and select "Public." Click "Save Changes." Your video should now appear on your channel. If your video was listed as "Unlisted," this could have also caused your video not to appear on your channel.

Change Channel Type

One other option is to check how your channel type is set. From your channel, click "Settings," and then select something other than "YouTuber," such as "Reporter" or "Director." Log out and then back in to your channel, and see if anything changed.

Last Resort

As a last troubleshooting option, be sure you are logged in, then click your username from the top of the YouTube platform and click "Videos." Scroll through the listing to see if your video listed there. If your video is listed there and you find it is properly loading when you try to play it, yet it still does not appear anywhere on your channel, contact YouTube's help forum. Click "Help" from the bottom left of any YouTube page, then type your problem into the box next to "Search Help."

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