Ideas for Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes not only utilise space, but they also allow homeowners to transform the look of a room by simply closing the doors. Functionality, elegance and storage space are all benefits of fitted wardrobes. These wardrobes are ideal for the storage of various items, from clothing and accessories to television sets and computers. If you're interested in installing a fitted wardrobe in your home, know that there are plenty of options to use space, no matter the size of the room.

Shelving Options

Adding shelves and cupboards of various sizes to a fitted wardrobe will not only provide space for clothing and accessories, but also for electronics such as television sets, computers, printers and other gadgets. Smaller shelves in one area of the wardrobe make for an ideal area to store shoes, handbags and jewellery. Hooks on the doors of a fitted wardrobe will hold belts and hats. Shelves not only maximise the storage of your room, but also utilise all of the space in the wardrobe. When you close the doors of your fitted wardrobe, your room will appear functional and uncluttered.

Colour Schemes, Patterns and Wood

Choose colours that help you achieve a desired look and feel. For example, if you're looking to make a room appear bigger, use light colours with rich finishes. If you have a spacious room and want to make it appear more cosy and less open, combine rich colours with dark accents, such as dark mahogany with black walnut. When using solid dark colours, such as black, use vibrant accessories to make the room appear larger. Solid white may be accented with rich colours, such as deep red or dark brown. Make low ceilings appear higher with vertical stripes on the doors of the wardrobe, and narrow rooms appear wider with horizontal stripes.

Wardrobe Sizes

Fitted wardrobes vary greatly in size, depending on the homeowner's preference or amount of space. Wardrobes may be as small as a door or as large as an entire wall. They may stand a few feet tall, or stretch from floor to ceiling. In smaller rooms, a large wardrobe may cause space to feel tight and cluttered. Medium or small fitted wardrobes are ideal for less space. For spacious rooms, a large wardrobe makes the area feel less empty and more cosy.

Sprucing up a Wardrobe

Handles that accent not only the colours of the wardrobe itself but also the colour scheme of the room will blend the two beautifully. Inside of a wardrobe, create even more space by using fabric bins for accessories such as scarves and hair pieces. Mirrors may be added to the doors of the wardrobe to create the illusion of space, especially in smaller rooms. Adding lights to the ceiling inside of a fitted wardrobe will provide ambience and easy accessibility to your stored items.

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