The Difference Between Clear Epoxy Resin & Clear Epoxy Glue

Updated November 21, 2016

The epoxy adhesives are a group of high-performance bonding agents that includes cyanoacrylate, polyurethane and acrylic, among others. The differences among the various types of epoxy adhesives mostly depend on what purposed they are used for. The variations are made with the help of hardeners, which can make epoxy transparent or opaque. These adhesives can be used to bond anything -- stone, wood, glass, steel and even aircraft parts.

Clear Epoxy Glue

Clear epoxy glue is an adhesive mostly used for industrial use and on an industrial scale. It is made out of two parts --- one part is in powder form while the other is liquid. The proportions of these two elements are determined by how hard and how quick to dry you want the clear epoxy resin to be. One of the major industrial applications of clear epoxy glue is in the jewellery industry, especially with jewellery that is made out of plastic. The clear epoxy glue is also used on large scale for bonding of steel, wood and glass, among other materials.

Clear Epoxy Resin

Clear epoxy resin is also an adhesive but it used as super high gloss. One coat of clear epoxy resin equals as many as 30 coats of regular varnish. This is why clear epoxy resin is used for the finishing touches on almost anything --- leather, ceramics, stone, plaques and clocks, for instance. Clear epoxy resin is also perfect for polished surfaces table tops and bar counters. Owing to its legendary adhesive prowess, while coating tables or bar counters, you can also embed coins, trading cards or other memorabilia; once stuck with epoxy, the items will stay stuck.

Clear Epoxy Resin vs. Clear Epoxy Glue --- Difference in Uses

The basic difference between the two types of epoxy adhesives is first of all in their usage. While the clear glue is mostly used to bond material on large and small scales, the clear resin is used more as a last finish coat. The glue can be manipulated --- adjusting the proportions of the powder epoxy and liquid hardener --- into an adhesive that dries quickly or slowly, becomes hard or elastic, or into moulds for creating plastic models. The epoxy resin is used to create a ultra-shiny, glass-type finish on any material -- normally wood or stone.

Clear Epoxy Resin vs. Clear Epoxy Glue --- Difference in Application

The clear epoxy glue, though an excellent adhesive which can be used to bond any surface, is just an adhesive. The clear epoxy resin, however, also protects the surface it coats from water (it is impermeable), from scratches (it hardens to become a glasslike surface) and from rot (the chemical properties of epoxy resin allows it to mix with wood while it bonds to it, making it fungus proof).

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