Can contact paper be used on a kitchen counter?

Updated July 20, 2017

Contact paper is a quick fix for kitchen countertops that need an inexpensive new look. With a variety of styles, including granite and marble looks, contact paper can even give the appearance of high-quality countertops. While contact paper does provide easy and inexpensive style, it is not a food-grade substance nor is it scratch resistant. Protect the counters in your kitchen and your foods by using a cutting board during food preparation.

Contact Paper

Contact paper is the brand name of a self-adhesive thin plastic film that has multiple purposes. It was developed by the Kittrich Corporation in the 1950s and has evolved over the years to include many trendy designs. The paper is often used as shelf liner in cabinets. Over the years, crafters have picked up on the versatility of the product to make decals, custom stickers and even a clear paper that is used for lamination.

Preparing Countertops for Contact Paper

When covering counter tops with contact paper, start with a clean, scratch-free surface. If your countertop has any large pieces missing from it, simply add wood filler and spread it until level. Let the filler dry, and ensure it is level. If it seems bumpy, sand it down to a smooth finish. If the countertop has minor nicks and dings, sand them with fine-grit sandpaper.

Cleaning Contact Paper

Your regular countertop cleaner can be used on contact paper. Always follow cleaner directions. Disinfecting almost always relies on applying a cleaner, allowing it to set for 10 minutes and wiping it clean. Keep the contact paper free of burns by having trivets or pot holders handy for quick use when setting hot items on the counters. Putting pots or pans from the stove or oven onto the counter will melt the contact paper.

Where to Buy Contact Paper

Contact paper is widely available in retail stores and online. In addition to department stores, you can find contact paper in home improvement and organisation stores. Check the aisles that typically have drawer organisation supplies. Since contact paper is widely used as a shelf liner, it is commonly stored with other drawer and shelf organisers. Different widths of contact paper are available; purchase the width you need to cover your countertop.

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