Fly Repellent Tricks

Written by valerie dansereau
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Fly Repellent Tricks
Several kinds of flies can invade homes and lawns. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Flies are a nuisance not only in the home but also during outdoor events such as picnics. Worse than being a nuisance, these insects are also carriers of several different diseases. One fly can lay thousands of eggs and create a much larger problem. Insecticides aren't the only solution for repelling flies. Other fly repellent tricks involve simple cleanliness and certain scents or plants.

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Basic Methods of Repelling Flies

Cleanliness is one of the best solutions for repelling flies. Don't allow decaying organic matter and animal faeces to remain around the yard. Within the home, wipe up crumbs and spills promptly, and avoid allowing bags of garbage to accumulate. Sprinkle borax on garbage cans and dumpsters to discourage flies from breeding in these areas. Install well-fitting screens and seal any cracks to prevent flies from entering the home. As much as possible, avoid repeatedly going in and out of the house, especially while cooking.

Fly-Repellent Scents

Flies are repelled by certain scents. Houseflies dislike the aroma of cinnamon, so cinnamon-scented air fresheners and candles can help to repel them. Another scent that can help to repel flies is lavender. Use freshly cut lavender flowers in a vase, or lavender-scented sachets in drawers. Clippings of herbs such as thyme and basil placed in sachets may discourage flies from infesting the home. Citronella candles repel many kinds of insects, including flies. Branches of pine or ground cloves may also help to repel these unwanted insects.

Fly-Repellent Plants

Several different kinds of plants repel flies. Some can be grown indoors and others can be planted strategically around the outside of the home. Basil can be planted in containers and grown indoors or on the porch. Bring potted basil along on picnics to repel both flies and mosquitoes. Pennyroyal is in the mint family and can be planted around a home's foundation as a fly repellent. This plant also repels mosquitoes, fleas and ants. Tansy is a little-known herb that resembles marigolds and repels flies, fleas and moths.

Other Fly-Repelling Tricks

Avoid allowing standing water near the home, including birdbaths and water collecting inside lids of trashcans. Some people claim that hanging plastic storage bags half-full of water near the door helps to repel flies, though this is not a universally accepted method and doesn't seem to work for everyone. Either way, it's an inexpensive remedy to try.

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