Can I Leave My Intex Pool Up All Winter?

Updated February 21, 2017

Intex pool liners are a durable, flexible PVC material that holds up to years of use. While these pools are strong enough to be installed and broken down year after year, these pools are not made for cold weather. Depending on the climate, the pool can be left up all year as long as the temperature stays above 4.44 degrees Celsius.

Metal Frame

Metal frame pools are more resilient than their soft-sided counterparts. These pools can keep their shape without having to be full, and the metal frame can secure the winter cover. For those who live in a much warmer climate, regular weekly maintenance can keep the water ready for swimming. Both the metal frame and the Easy Set pools are made from the same material and can suffer damage from ice and snow.

Easy Set

The Easy Set pools are more susceptible to collapse as the only thing holding the walls up is the inflatable ring. The cold weather makes the air in the ring contract and can allow the water to escape. With these pools, it is best to drain and store them for the winter. The colder the weather causes the PVC material to become brittle. Any folds or creases in the material, when it gets cold, can cause the liner to tear or leak. Ice on the top of the pool can also damage the inflatable ring along the top.


If weather permits, winterising the pool can save the trouble and expense of breaking the pool down and refilling it the next year. Disconnect the filter hoses from the plunger valves and remove the strainer basket and return jet from the inside of the pool. Insert the black plugs into the holes to prevent water from leaking out. Add the winterising chemicals to the pool and cover with a winter cover. Inflate and place an air pillow under the cover to allow debris to fall off the cover instead of collecting in the middle of the cover.


To store the pool for the winter, disconnect the filter the same way and drain the pool with a hose and the hose connector. Allow the pool to dry thoroughly and deflate the ring. Sprinkle baby powder on the inside and anywhere the liner will touch itself when folded. Store in a cool, dry area with nothing on top that could damage the liner. To reinstall the pool, follow the same directions as when it was first installed.

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