Intex Test Strips Instructions

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Your swimming pool offers a welcome break from the summer heat. It is important to maintain the health of your pool iso it will function properly. One major part of this is testing and treating the water inside your pool. One of the most common ways to test is by using test strips.

Intex test strips are easy to use, and offer easily evaluated results, using a colour-coded system.

Remove the lid from the test kit bottle. Remove one testing strip and replace the lid to ensure that the remainder stays dry.

Submerse the strip into your pool water approximately 18 inches. This depth gives a more accurate pH reading than testing near the surface. Dip it long enough to saturate it with water, then immediately remove it.

Allow the test strip to dry completely. The test strip will change colours to indicate test results.

Compare the colours on the strip to the chart on the back of the test bottle. This will indicate the chlorine, pH and alkaline levels in your pool.

Discard the used test strip when finished. Repeat the process weekly to test your pool water.