Differences between men's & women's sweaters

Updated April 17, 2017

As with most clothing items for men and women, there are a variety of differences between men's and women's sweaters. These differences can range from actual make-up and materials, to basic things like design and colours. There are many differences to keep in mind when shopping for a sweater for either a man or a woman.


One of the most obvious differences between a man's sweater and a woman's sweater is the size. Sweaters for men will be created to fit a larger, thicker build. The sizes of sweaters are determined by the average size of a man's or woman's body. For instance, a man's small sweater will be much larger than a woman's small sweater, because of the difference in men's and women's body shapes.


Another design difference between men's and women's sweaters is the buttons. If a sweater is a button-down sweater, the buttons will be on different sides depending on if the sweater is designed for a man or a woman. The buttons on a man's sweater are on the right-hand side. The buttons on a woman's sweater will be located on the left-hand side. There is no concrete explanation for this major difference in men's and women's sweaters.


Shape is yet another difference between men's and women's sweaters. A man's sweater will typically take on a boxlike shape, so as to conform to the straight and narrow lines of a man's body. A man's sweater is not designed to cling to the skin. A woman's sweater is more likely to be designed to fit the curvy contours of her body. A man's sweater will often be created to fit a little bit looser, and not as snug. For a woman, a sweater is designed to fit a thinner, daintier frame than a man's.


Colouring and patterns is often a major difference between men's sweaters and women's sweaters. A man's sweater will often be designed in neutral, businesslike patterns. Common colours for men's sweaters include navy blue, grey, black and brown. A woman is more likely to wear a colourful sweater, in the hues of green, pink, blue and purple, as well as a variety of neutral tones as well. A woman's sweater may have some floral designs, where a man's sweater will either be plain or have simple geometric or plaid designs to it.


Another difference between men's and women's sweaters is the neckline. A man's neckline will either be V-neck or crew cut. A V-neck has a small "V" shape at the collar area, and a crew cut fits precisely around the neck. A woman's sweater might also feature these necklines, but with more sweeping V-neck necklines. In addition, a woman might have a scoop neck sweater, which hangs loosely on her shoulders.

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