The Advantages of Kinetic Handling

Written by sara higley
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The Advantages of Kinetic Handling
Using correct lifting techniques can prevent injuries. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Kinetic handling, or manual handling, involves safely lifting and carrying heavy loads while using correct muscles and movement. Many organisations use kinetic handling training to teach their employees how to safely lift loads. There are many advantages to kinetic handling, and organisations can save themselves money if they provide the correct training to their employees. Kinetic handling isn't just about using correct lifting and carrying techniques; it's also understanding when a load is too heavy and when you may need a cart to transport something.

Injury Prevention

The biggest reason to use kinetic handling is to prevent injuries. Carrying heavy loads without the correct technique can result in lower back pain, torn and pulled muscles and knee injuries. By being taught the correct way to lift, what muscles to use and other preventive measures, many of these injuries will never occur.

Increased Production

Employees who do not have pain or injuries can get a lot more done in a day than ones who are suffering through severe back pain or have bad knees. Increased production is another advantage employers will see with kinetic handling techniques. By using kinetic handling, employees will be able to carry more and be more efficient in the work they are conducting.

Reduced Worker's Compensation Claims

If having employees who are not injured and who are being more productive isn't reason enough to promote kinetic handling, organisations can also save thousands of dollars each year on worker's compensation claims. With the amount of worker's compensation claims being reduced each year, you will also save money on lower insurance costs and deductibles.

Safety Compliance

By having your employees complete a kinetic handling training course, you can become compliant with all safety laws. With a safety compliant certificate, you meet safety standards set by the state in which you live. This certification will save you money by lowering insurance costs, reducing worker's compensation costs, and promoting goodwill to your employees. The goodwill will ensure that you care about their safety and make them more likely to continue working for you.

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