Ideas for Building a Carport Yourself

Updated November 21, 2016

Building a carport requires fewer materials and in-depth construction knowledge compared to a garage, and a carport can provide almost as much protection from the elements. Carports don't have walls on all sides but depending on the carport's location and building plans, it can have a wall or partial walls to increase protection for your vehicle.

Use Your Home as Partial Support

Constructing a wood carport allows you to create a structure in any size, shape and location. Using the side of your home or other building on your property as one of the carport's walls provides enhanced element protection and a sturdy foundation. In this design, the carport's wood roof is connected to the building and the other side of the roof is supported by wood posts at the corners. Consider slanting the carport roof and covering the wood with roofing tiles that match the building to encourage easy rain drainage and increase visual appeal.

Try the Post Hole Method

Free-standing carports need the support of securely planted posts to keep the structure from collapsing. Pour concrete in post holes and insert steel posts into the carport's four corners to create a firm, durable foundation for the roof. Insert additional steel posts between the four corners for extra deep or wide carports to improve foundation strength. Construct any additional elements such as partial walls or concrete flooring before adding a roof. The stability of the foundation will support a wood or aluminium roof.

Carport Kit

A carport kit is an ideal option for building a carport yourself if you're a novice builder. Kits include all necessary materials, assembly instructions and manufacturer contact information for questions during construction. Determine a location for the carport according to the completed carport's length, width and height dimensions. Review the area to ensure you can easily drive your car in and out of the carport without obstructions.

Use Recycled Materials

Building products are discarded at landfills in enormous amounts every year, and most of the materials are suitable for reconstructing new structures. Salvaged wood and recycled crushed concrete are two main components for creating an eco-friendly carport. Gather discarded plywood, wood planks and wood posts for the foundation posts, a wall if necessary, and the roof. Recycled metal pieces such as rebar and aluminium sheets work well for replacing carport support posts and the roof, respectively.

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