Spiky Anime Hairstyles

Written by amy mcnulty
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Spiky Anime Hairstyles
One spiky anime hairstyle is the basic mohawk. (Photos.com/Photos.com/Getty Images)

To easily tell one anime character apart from another, simply look at the character's hairstyle. Brightly coloured, gravity-defying hairstyles are characteristic of many anime series. You could describe a number of anime hairstyles as "spiky," particularly those of male characters. You may want to recreate spiky anime hairstyles for a costume or a punk-like style in everyday life.


The mohawk appears in anime both to support a stereotype and to subvert the same stereotype. Shinjiro Hayashida from "Cromartie High School" has a purple mohawk. Hayashida is a character who demonstrates the tough punk stereotype associated with mohawks. Tsuyoshi Nakanojou from "Nichijou," on the other hand, is a quiet, shy young man. He has a tall, blond spiky mohawk. A brief gag reveals that Tsuyoshi is balding in an odd pattern and that his hair only grows from the top of his head. Recreate this hairstyle yourself by cropping the sides of your hair closely, growing out the middle of the hair and using gel to extend the middle of your hair upward.

Parted Spikes

A spiky anime hairstyle demonstrated by the heroic alien Son Goku of "Dragon Ball Z," as well as his sons Gohan and Goten, can be described as "parted spikes." The parted spikes hairstyle is a heroic character style. This hairstyle involves hair that lies flat and close to the head, with a few tremendously large spikes that jut out from the front and the back of the head. This hairstyle is difficult to capture outside of anime because you have to grow long fringe and long hair in the back. It can be difficult to hold the hair in place with gel.

Short Spikes

A spiky anime hairstyle that you can more easily achieve in real life is the short spikes style. Young, heroic characters wear short spiky hair. Characters like the ninja Naruto Uzumaki from the anime series "Naruto" demonstrate this style. The hair juts out straight up from the tops of their heads. To achieve this look, run gel through your hair, pull the hair up and let it naturally form in spikes. As long as your hair is around an inch in length, you can achieve this style, although your spikes are likely to be smaller than Naruto's.

Big, Long Spikes

Female anime characters do not wear spiky anime hairstyles as often as their male counterparts. Spiky hair tends to suit brash, outgoing male characters, but you can find also spiky hair on brash, outspoken female characters. The space pirate Ryoko Hakubi from the series "Tenchi Muyo!" is one female character with spiky hair. Ryoko has long hair that reaches down to her shoulder blades. The hair is thick and spreads out into a handful of large spikes. The hairstyle is difficult to recreate in real life, but having the right length of hair and running gel through your hair can help you achieve a style reminiscent of Ryoko's hair.

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