Fun Netball Games

Updated July 19, 2017

Netball is a noncontact sport that features two teams of seven players. The aim of the game is similar to that of basketball, with players trying to shoot the ball through a hoop, but the rules vary considerably. Players are not allowed to run with or dribble the ball and must release the ball no more than three seconds after receiving it. Players are restricted to certain parts of the court and must stand 0.9m away from the player with the ball.


The "ABC" drill is designed to improve a player's defence. Set the players up in a triangle, with a fourth player positioned in the middle of it. The player in the middle must try to intercept the ball as the players on the perimeter pass it between themselves. Mix up the direction of and style of the passes to increase the difficulty. Additionally, you can expand the size of the triangle or add a fifth player, turning it into a square.

3 versus 3

The 3 versus 3 attacking drill focuses on players' movement off the ball. Use cones to cordon off an area that is big enough for six players. Divide the players into two teams of three, attackers and defenders. Allow players to use attacking moves such as the front cut, dodge and change of direction to create space for receiving the ball. Instruct the attacking team to keep possession of the ball for a certain amount of time, making adjustments to the number of defenders and size of the playing area as necessary.

High 5

High 5 netball is a version of the game aimed for players between the ages of 9 and 11. The game is played over four six-minute periods, and each team may only have five players on the court at any one time. Players must rotate positions at each interval, with no player off the court for consecutive quarters. Players have four seconds to pass or shoot the ball and must obey standard footwork rules.

King Ball

The purpose of "King Ball" is for a team to turn all its players into kings. Each team starts with a player standing on a bench at the end of the court. This player is known as a king. To become a king, players must pass the ball to their teammates standing on the bench. The king must catch the ball without falling off the bench for it to count. The standard rules of netball apply and coaches often set a minimum number of passes a team must complete before attempting to pass the ball to a king to increase the difficulty of the exercise.

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