Alternative to Chlorine-Free Bleach

Updated February 21, 2017

A good alternative to chlorine-free bleach cleans dirt and stains without fading or spotting colours. Chlorine bleach can be harsh on colours. Non-chlorine bleaches are meant to clean as well without the harshness. When the chlorine-free option is not available, or undesirable for other reasons, there are natural alternatives for taking out laundry and household stains.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Often sold in the first-aid aisle, hydrogen peroxide using a bubbling action to release dirt and stains from clothes and carpet. Spray directly on blood stains and dab with a clean cloth to soak up the spots. Allow to sit on dirty diapers or underwear for several minutes prior to laundering to remove urine and fecal stains. Apply to carpet for pet stains and blot up with paper towels. Use hydrogen peroxide with white vinegar, to whiten bathroom fixtures and tiles.

White Vinegar

The acidity in white vinegar makes it a strong alternative to non-chlorine bleach. Where chlorine will take the colour out of carpet, white vinegar can brighten colour-fast rugs while getting out stains and dirt. Use 1/2 cup of white vinegar in the washer to kill germs and whiten whites. On a tile floor, the substance kills germs, cleans dirt and leaves a shine when mixed with water. White vinegar is also effective for cleaning sinks, tubs and toilets.

For stubborn stains on clothing, make a paste using the vinegar and a bit of baking soda. Rub the paste into the stain prior to washing. The colours of the clothing will not be affected.


The acid in citrus fruits is a viable alternative to non-chlorine bleach. Lemon juice, when added to a load of laundry, acts as a brightener and whitener. Rub the juice into dirty socks to remove stains and add to dish detergent to get tough stuck-on food off dishes. Create a paste from lemon juice and cream of tartar to apply to ground in grease or dirt. For baby stains, mix juice with salt and hang the item in the sun for several hours. The acid breaks up the stain, while the salt absorbs it.

Commercial Alternatives

Commercial alternatives to non-chlorine bleach are available. Oxygen bleach is one such alternative. The concoction uses the foaming and bubbling power of oxygen to lift and remove stains without the use of chlorine. Variations of the substance come in powders and liquids and are recommended for floors, laundry, carpet and furniture cleaning. Other available cleaners use ammonia as a main ingredient instead of bleach or bleach alternative. These cleaners are safe for some floors and fixtures, but should be used with caution as harmful fumes may be created.

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