Positive Effects of Arranged Marriages

Updated November 21, 2016

Arranged marriages prevent children from marrying out of their culture, faith and social status. In an arranged marriage, the parents choose the spouse based on many factors, including their child's future happiness and well-being. One of the most positive effects of arranged marriage is evident when you consider the low divorce rate of these types of unions. Most arranged marriages today are not forced but entered into by consenting adults who have had some input on their future spouse.

Social Compatibility

Differences in religion, socioeconomic status and cultural upbringing can cause much contention in marriage. With arranged marriages, all of these differences are avoided because all unions are chosen with these parameters in mind. Having very similar religious and cultural upbringing enables husbands and wives to understand each other and avoid many disagreements.


Parents may be good judges of their children's personalities. In an arranged marriage, parents choose a spouse compatible in personality, using logic rather than the illusive emotion of love. In normal western marriages where people choose their own mate, love and lust are often considered before compatibility. In some arranged marriages, the families make sure the potential partners have compatible horoscopes as well as personalities. An additional benefit of arranging a marriage comes into play with a shy person or someone who does not have the opportunity to meet a potential spouse on his own. Arranging a marriage may be the only way some people will be able to make a union.

Extended Family

In many cases of arranged marriage the two families have known each other for many years. The parents of the future bride and groom know they come from a good family with similar ethical values. This is similar to doing a background check on the family and future spouse to find out if anything is amiss before marrying. When people marry, they also create a relationship with the extended family. Grandparents on both sides will influence future children. A dishonest or demanding in-law can make life miserable for a married couple. In an arranged marriage, it is expected that both families will check the background of the potential spouse thoroughly to avoid any surprises. Family is what matters most in a marriage, so it makes sense to choose the right family to marry into.

Lower Divorce Rate

Arranged marriages experience lower divorce rates than western love-based marriages. India, one of the countries where arranged marriages are still very popular, has the lowest divorce rate in the world at 1.1 per cent. Many factors effect whether or not a marriage will last such as money attitudes, compatibility, extended family, respect, religious beliefs, and moral upbringing. An arranged marriage eliminates many incompatibility problems to ensure a mutual respect between partners. Love grows from respect.

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