Pros & cons of adoption

Mel Roberts

Adoption affects all parties involved. The child, birth parents and adoptive parents must negotiate complicated issues that other families take for granted. But by understanding the pros and cons of adoption, each person can navigate with a clearer understanding of the inherent issues.

Cons: Records

With the exception of a few states, adoption records are sealed. For the adopted child who may someday want identifying information, this means this will not be possible through normal channels of government.

Cons: Abandonment

Adoption commonly creates in the adopted child a form of separation anxiety that can manifest itself throughout their lives. Questions of abandonment can affect relationships negatively as a result.

Cons: Birth Mother

For the birth mother, there is often no resolution for the grief of relinquishment. Except in cases of open adoption, the mother will not be privy to information concerning her child.

Pros: A Family

Adopting parents offer the greatest gift of all to children who are given up for adoption: a loving, nurturing family. Adoptive parents give children a chance they most likely would never have if they grew up in foster care.

Pros: A Chance

Birth parents, though relinquishing a child intimately connected to them, may offer the greatest hope for the child's development in life. For those who have limited means, adoption may give their child a chance.

Pros: Dream Come True

Adoptive parents gain a welcome new family member. Adoption enables the parents to have the family they have dreamed of for so long.