Dinosaur Costume Ideas

Written by alyssa brode
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Dinosaur Costume Ideas
Think outside the box for some unique dinosaur costumes. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Dinosaurs are the subject of much fascination. These ancient, vanished creatures that once dominated the planet are mysterious, occasionally frighteningly so, to many kids. It is no wonder that dinosaurs are often the focus of children's attention. For a themed birthday party or trick-or-treating, let your child travel back in time with a dinosaur costume.

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Locate a brown or similarly neutral-coloured sweatsuit or full body suit to create a pterodactyl costume. Cut approximately 2 square yards of fabric in the shape of a large isosceles triangle in the same colour as your outfit; the longest edge of the triangle should equal the wingspan of the body suit or sweatshirt. Sew the edges of the fabric to the bottoms of the arms of the suit, and let the rest of the fabric hang like a cape behind the body of the outfit. Create a large, elongated head using matching felt, fully stuffed with fiberfill and wire, if necessary, to retain its shape. Sew to the hood of your sweatshirt or body suit for support, and cut a hole in the mouth.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Perhaps the most infamous dinosaur of all time, the fearsome T. rex is a prime costume subject. Use a brown or green two-piece sweatsuit for the body, with extra-roomy trousers. Line the inside of the trousers with several layers of thick fabric, such as felt, to give the illusion of Tyrannosaurus rex's dense lower body. Using illustrations of Tyrannosaurus rex as a guide, structure a large head in the shape you desire using wire; leave the mouth partially open for visibility or cover in black mesh. Cover the wire frame with paper maché and let dry completely. Paint in a colour matching your costume's body. Include white eyes with black pupils. Attach pointed white teeth made from felt to the outline of the open jaw.


A stegosaurus costume is the simplest dinosaur costume to make and is easily adapted for all ages. Obtain a green two-piece hooded sweatsuit for older children or adults; for toddlers and babies, use a hooded one-piece jumpsuit. Find felt in a matching green colour and cut two identical long tail-shaped pieces. Stuff with fiberfill or plastic bags for support and stiffness, sew both felt pieces together and attach to the back of the sweatpants or jumpsuit. Cut many pairs of felt triangles in a contrasting colour. Stuff the pairs, stitch them together and attach intermittently down the back of the costume. Cut triangular white felt teeth and sew them to the inside of the hood. Glue googly eyes above the edge of the hood and let them dry. A version can even be made for a pet; use a dog sweatshirt and omit the tail.

Hatching Dinosaur

With this innovative costume, your child can be the dinosaur hatching from its egg. Find a balloon slightly larger than the size of your child's torso. Cover the inflated balloon in several coats of paper maché, drying completely between each coat. Pop the balloon with a safety pin. Cut leg holes and arm holes with a utility knife. Cut off the top of the egg above the arm holes in a jagged, zigzag pattern. Remove the popped balloon from the egg. Sand the edges of the holes, and paint the egg off-white. Dress your child in a green bodysuit or sweatsuit and a dinosaur head or hood to make it appear as though he is breaking through the top of the egg shell. Attach the top piece of the eggshell to the hood or headpiece of the dinosaur costume.

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