Why Is My Blackberry Curve Acting Slow?

Written by kay ireland
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Why Is My Blackberry Curve Acting Slow?
Running too many apps can slow down your phone. (Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty Images)

The BlackBerry Curve -- a more basic BlackBerry model that offers easy-to-use functionality and media capabilities -- is an ideal first-timer smartphone. While the phone generally performs most tasks well and with speed, you may find that over time your Curve begins to slow down. Opening applications, keypad recognition and media usage can become frustratingly slow, depending on the way you use your phone. Most problems can be easily remedied while some are simply the nature of the beast.


Newer generations of phones have been released since the BlackBerry Curve 9300 was introduced in 2011. Because of this, the Curve has a slower processor than other flashier models. Equipped with a 624Mhz processor, the Curve is slower than phones with the common 1GHz processors on other smartphones. If you've purchased the BlackBerry Curve after owning a more advanced smartphone, the processing time during usage will certainly seem slower. Still, the Curve should function properly and shouldn't lag more than a few seconds.

Running Applications

When you have too many applications running, your BlackBerry Curve will slow down. Running the memory to keep various applications open and afloat can make for sluggish performance. Simply minimising an application is not enough to reduce the memory usage. You must shut down unused applications by holding down the BlackBerry key, then selecting the application you need to close. Then, manually exit the program using the BlackBerry menu within the application to reduce the processing time and memory usage.

Memory Issues

Mmemory leaks and an overloaded memory can result in slower performance with your Curve. Memory leaks occur when you shut down various applications but they continue to use up memory, making it unavailable for other applications to use, which slows down performance. This can be remedied by a hard reset, where you shut down your Curve and remove the battery for 30 minutes, then reinsert and restart.

Your BlackBerry Curve also slows down when your memory card approaches its maximum. A BlackBerry Curve 9300 has 256 MB flash memory on-board. When you save pictures, music, video and games to your phone, you could approach that limit. Download media items to your computer and delete them from your device to restore speed.

Event Log

For restoration purposes, your BlackBerry saves all of the data that you incur through your daily phone usage. Downloads, syncing, call logs and messaging are all saved on the device memory, making it seem slow. You can clear the event log for a faster phone by navigating to your home screen, holding down ALT and typing "LGLG." This will bring you to your event log. You can then press the BlackBerry key and select "Clear Log" to free up memory. While this won't affect your phone currently, if your phone malfunctions you may lose past data helpful for troubleshooting purposes.

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