How many kilowatts does an electric oven use per hour?

Updated April 17, 2017

If your electricity company were to itemise your bill by appliances, except for your air conditioner, water heater and side-by-side refrigerator, your oven would account for most of the cost. That's because it uses more kilowatt-hours of energy per month, according to the Otter Tail Power Company in Minnesota. You can reduce your electricity bill by using your oven more efficiently.

Kilowatts vs. Watts

Your oven's wattage is the amount of electricity it needs to work. Oven typically use 3,500 watts, but since a kilowatt is 1,000 watts, they use 3.5 kWh. Your electricity bill is expressed in terms of kilowatt-hours.

Calculating Your Usage

To calculate the number of kilowatt-hours your oven uses, multiply the number of hours you use it each month by 3.5 kWh. Since it may be difficult to estimate how much you use your oven, you can use figures provided by the Otter Tail Power Company. According to the company, you use your oven for 10 to 50 hours per month, resulting in a kilowatt-hour usage of 35 to 175 kWh.


Electricity prices vary by region and between companies. At time of publication, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that the average price across the nation is 11.64 cents per kWh. Use this rate to estimate your oven's monthly electricity cost if you can't find your actual rate on your most recent electricity bill. You can also call the company to ask a representative.

Multiply the cost per kilowatt-hour by the number of kilowatt-hours your oven uses. A typical person pays between £2 and £13 per month to use his oven.

Using Less Energy

Use less energy by cooking food in large batches rather than in smaller, more frequent batches. Doing so also allows you to keep ready-made meals on hand. Use your microwave or toaster oven for small amounts of food because, according to Energy Star, it's more energy efficient.

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