Ideas for Breakfast Prayer Programs

Updated April 17, 2017

Breakfast prayer programs focus on prayer-based themes. These may range from a personal relationship with the Lord to praying for one another to prayer for the nation and missions. Whatever the theme for the prayer breakfast, keep the program focused, simple and unhurried. Facilitate worship and relationships. Remember that the focus needs to remain on the prayer aspect of the gathering.

Pray for One Another

Pair those who attend, if they are not already paired with spouses or friends. Base the theme on James 5:16, "Pray one for another." Use this on a large banner and on arches incorporated into greenery or flower centrepieces. Integrate praying hands into the theme graphics. The speaker can focus on the importance of praying for one another, including spouses praying together, families praying together and friends praying together. Have each person write down or share with a partner things for which they would appreciate prayer. Provide time for prayer.

Pray for Neighbors

Show a large map of the city's neighbourhoods. Colour the neighbourhoods differently and key them to similarly coloured tables. Focus on the organisations and churches in each neighbourhood that minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the area. Create a tent out of card stock coloured for each table with the organisation list applying to that area. Next to the tent, light a pillar candle. Include as speakers individuals from community organisations who can identify areas where attendees could lend a helping hand. Pray for the different ministries. Use the colour scheme for a "Bring Your Neighbor" theme. Use candles surrounded with greenery for centrepieces. The idea is to bring neighbours to the breakfast prayer program. Include an interesting speaker, music, a segment highlighting a craft or interesting hobby and prayer for all who attend.

Pray for the Country

Praying for the country makes a good theme for around Independence Day. Decorate with red, white and blue streamers, plates and napkins. Combine American flags and lanterns for centrepieces. Share stories of inspiration about the founders of America and their faith. Sing patriotic songs. As they arrive, ask guests to write on index cards at least one prayer request for the country, people or leaders. Place them in a bowl or hat. Have each person take a card and provide a time to pray for that request as a group. Instead of public prayer, ask people at each table to pray for the requests they've received.

Pray for the World

Ask a foreign missionary to speak. Ask the missionary to display items from and information about the mission field. The missionary can answer questions and present prayer needs. Present music from the missionary's country of service. Serve food from that country. Invite several missionaries to bring their displays and speak about their needs and the needs of those they serve. Include mission organisations for those who might be interested in becoming missionaries.

If your church regularly sends out short-term mission teams, focus the prayer breakfast around their missions and the needs they found. Those who attend may sign up to pray for particular mission fields, missions or missionaries.

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