Tumblr HTML Font Guide

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Tumblr HTML Font Guide
Some complex HTML gets stripped when posting to Tumblr. (Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

By default, Tumblr offers a rich text editor for managing all your text formatting needs; however, you can use the plain text editor either by clicking the "HTML" button on the formatting toolbar or by going to Preferences and changing the default post editor. Not all HTML is supported by Tumblr.

Font Size

There are two methods for changing the size of your font: the "<big>" or "<small>" tags, or by using the heading tags, "<h1>" through "<h6>," with H1 being the largest heading size. For a large heading, you can use "<h1>Large Heading</h1>." If you simply want to create larger text, you can use "<big>Big</big>;" the big tag can be nested to create larger text, i.e.: "<big><big><big>Excessively Large Text</big></big></big>." The same can be done with the small tag: "<small><small>Rather Small Text</small></small>."

Font Emphasis

To create bold text, you can use either "<b>Bolded Text</b>" or "<strong>Bolded Text</strong>." Italics use either "<i>Italics</i>" or "<em>Italics</em>." To create text with an underline, use "<u>Underlined</u>," though hyperlinks are often underlined by default.

Other Font Modifications

Create a hyperlink with "<a href="http://www.domain.com">Link Text</a>." Strike-through text can be created with "<s>Stricken</s>." To create superscript use "<sup>Superscript</sup>" and "<sub>Subcript</sub>" subcript.

Paragraph Code

Create a new paragraph by beginning the paragraph with "<p>" and ending it with "</p>," for example: "<p>This is an extremely short paragraph</p>." You can create a line break, which skips to the next line without creating a space, with " ." To put text in an indented quote, start the quote with "<blockquote>Text worth quoting</blockquote>."


You can create a list using either the ordered list tag ("<ol>," which creates a number before each list item, or unordered list ("<ul>," which creates a bullet for each item. Each item on the list should start with "<li>" and end "</li>" and your list should end with either "</ol>" or "</ul>." A basic example list would be: "<ol><li>Item 1</li><li>Item 2</li></ol>."

Unsupported HTML

Tumblr strips the "<font>" code, including changes to the colour, font face or size. You cannot add any DIV blocks for text. Code as CSS to the paragraph tag, such as <p style="font-size: 20px; colour: #FFCCFF">", will be removed and render default text in its place. CSS added to "<span>" tag, <span style="font-size: 20px; colour: #FFCCFF;">, will display properly in the rich text editor, but will not display on the dashboard and may not work on your layout.

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