What colours go with black and white tiles?

Updated November 21, 2016

Nothing beats the classic look of a black and white checkered floor. The appearance can be elegant or toned down with the other colours you choose to use with the flooring. While it may seem challenging to choose colours that match this kind of floor, all you need to keep in mind is balance and harmony. Once you know what colours make a good match, the rest is easy.

Red shades

Red is bold and when paired with black and tiles on the floor, your room is sure to come alive with colour. This colour combination is cheery, regardless of which shade of red you're using. A brighter shade of red on cushions, pillows and in window treatments can energise the room. Red is a warm colour and, with a black and white floor, it adds a cosiness to a kitchen. With a more rusty red, the trio leans more towards a relaxed mood and country feel. Because red is powerful, it should be used sparingly and, with black on the floor, it's best to distribute red evenly in the room to avoided a lopsided feeling.

Yellow hues

Yellow is one of the most versatile colours you can find because it comes in a wide range of shades, all of which work with a black and white tiled floor. Because it is warm, yellow provides a sense of balance with black and white. Pay attention to the undertones of the yellow you choose because blue undertones give your room a cool feeling, while red undertones enhance the feeling of warmth. Highlight yellow shades in pictures, pillows, lampshades and window treatments to bring the look together. In a bathroom, this colour combination is cheery and prevents the smaller space from feeling cramped.

Green tones

From turquoise to lime green, you can find harmony with a black and white checkered floor. In a kitchen or foyer, green is vibrant and inviting. Lighter shades of green, such as light teal or yellow green, play off the boldness of black and the lightness of white. If you're using darker shades of green, be sure to balance the room with green in window treatments and rugs. Use plants to enhance your colour scheme.

Neutral colours

Neutral colours are pleasing with black and white tiles because they bring a warm and cosy feel to rooms. Light beige, ochre, straw and tan pop with bold colours on the floor, and they allow you to use black and white freely in the rest of the room without worrying about the room looking too busy. Neutral colours also open up small areas.

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