Homemade pranks for kids

Written by paul bright
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Homemade pranks for kids
Kids can play pranks at home for big laughs. (George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

April Fools' Day is a notorious time for people to play pranks on each other, even though pranks can be played any time for a good laugh. Sometimes kids want to get into the act without getting into serious trouble or breaking something. With a little help from a willing adult, it's possible for them to safely play pranks around the house using homemade resources that can produce a lot of laughs in the end.

Food Pranks

Food pranks are fun for kids to play on adults because they usually have an audience to see it happen, such as the lunch room or a dinner table. For lunch, use a chopstick or small, thin object to drill a few holes inside an apple and place gummy worms inside the holes. Have the kid bite into the apple and show everyone the worms. Another food prank works on milk cartons. Carefully open the milk carton and add a few drops of food colouring. Be careful not to get any on the carton and close the opening back.


The bedroom is another notorious place for kids to do pranks on their parents, especially since some kids go to bed sooner and get up earlier than they do. To help everyone wake up, find all the watches and clocks in the house and set them all to ring simultaneously 20 minutes before the normal wake up time. Use baby powder to pull off a prank on a hot day. If the bedroom has a fan in it, place about an inch of baby powder inside the fan or along the various fan parts. When it's turned on, the baby powder will blow all over the room or on the victim's face.

Living Room

The living room setting makes it easy to prank unsuspecting guests or family members returning home from school or work. The easiest prank is to put whoopee cushions underneath the couch cushions or dining room chairs. Other living room pranks include removing the batteries from all the television remote controls. If the family computer is in the living room, put a sticky note underneath the mouse to keep the laser from reading flat surfaces.


Bathrooms are usually the first and last places people visit in the day, so setting up pranks almost guarantees success. Prank the faucet by taping clear food wrap onto the faucet head. When the water comes on, it will stretch the wrap and eventually break it so that water splashes everywhere from the pressure. Use the toothpaste for a sticky surprise. Squeeze out some of the toothpaste and put salt inside the tube. If the toothpaste is white, squeeze out toothpaste and replace it with mayonnaise.

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