What to Do With Monster Spawners in "Minecraft"

Written by joshua solomon
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"Minecraft" is a sandbox computer game created by Swedish indie developer Mojang. In the game, players explore randomly-generated worlds and manipulate virtual, block-based environments using tools crafted from in-game resources. While exploring the subterranean depths of each world, gamers will encounter a variety of deadly monsters that spawn (or suddenly appear) in dark areas. What's more, players can encounter dungeons containing monster spawners, rare objects resembling fiery cages that continuously spew undead enemies and giant spiders. These encounters are rare and may mystify those who are new to the game. After all, pre-furnished dungeon rooms -- filled with chests, moss stone, monsters and fire -- are unlike anything else found in "Minecraft." Fortunately, gamers have the option of defusing, exploiting or destroying monster spawners.

Clean Your Dungeon Room

Slay spawning enemies with a weapon to clear the dungeon. Monster spawners can be utilised to a player's advantage, but enemy hordes will stop all attempts to infiltrate their lair. Use a sword or bow to kill the zombies, skeletons and spiders that appear. Swords are made from sticks and iron ingots, and bows are made from sticks and string. Retreat from the dungeon whenever more threats materialise and fight them from an advantageous position.

Fight Fire with Light

Fill dungeons with light to prevent monsters from spawning. The monsters of "Minecraft" despise light and most varieties of foes will perish when exposed to sun rays. A player can dig through the ceiling to allow sunlight to reach the monster spawner and disable it; however, because "Minecraft" features a day/night cycle, monsters will continue to spawn once the sun sets. Place torches (made from wooden sticks and coal) around monster spawners to deactivate them completely. Torch light isn't potent enough to harm monsters, but lighting up the dark corners of a dungeon prevents hostile creatures from generating.

Defeat all enemies and place torches in their absence until there is enough light surrounding the monster spawner to deactivate it. Disabling monster spawners allows gamers to freely search through the accompanying chests and modify the dungeon to create lucrative "monster farms."

Trick or Trap Your Foes

Exploit monster spawners with traps to collect items dropped by slain enemies. Players have termed this process, "farming." In gaming, this word is used to describe the systematic killing of respawning enemies for their valuables. To set up your own "Minecraft" monster farm, utilise creativity and ingenuity to craft the ultimate death trap.

Mine pits, canals, and tunnels beneath the monster spawner and fill these with fire, lava, and water. Transport these elements with buckets (made from iron ingots) and unleash them into a dungeon by clicking the right mouse button while holding a filled pail. It is satisfying to watch monsters sizzle and burn, but bear in mind that fire and lava will destroy any items dropped by monsters when they die. Instead, pick water as your poison and create pools to drown the undead that flow to a safe location - a place where the leftover loot can be continuously collected.

Monster Spawner Removal

Destroy monster spawners with a pickaxe. Gamers who feel their world would be better off without a diabolic device that creates armies of monsters can simply get rid of it; however, do not attempt to destroy a monster spawner without first removing the dangerous mobs it produces. As with most objects and surfaces within "Minecraft," the monster spawner can be removed with the right tool. Equip a pickaxe (made from sticks and any type of stone or metal), approach the monster spawner, and hold the left mouse button to repeatedly chip away at the blue cage. Continue to destroy the monster spawner uninterrupted with your pickaxe, and bask in victory when the deed is done.

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