Balcony fencing ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Balconies add a distinctive look to a home, office and building. Most balconies have a railing, which is a shortened form of fencing. The railings primarily serve as a safety border to help prevent anyone from falling. Fencing is used to add the additional element of privacy. Expand on ideas used for decks and porches to create ideas for a balcony fence. This will broaden your design options and enhance the look of the balcony.


Balusters will give the balcony a definite architectural style. Wide balusters with turnings will make the balcony take on a colonial effect, or one that's reminiscent of New England and Cape Cod architectural styles. This effect will work well with brick, clapboard and wood-frame homes or buildings. Painting the balusters white will make the balcony fencing look classic and stately. In addition to wood, you can explore urethane balusters to eliminate concerns about peeling and warping and other weather-related problems.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is another option and can be used for contemporary or traditional homes and buildings. The wrought iron can be straight or curved to flow with the design of the balcony and add visual impact. The wrought iron can be black or white, smooth or textured. Select a colour and shape that will enhance and blend with the style of the home and the materials used, such as brick or wood.


An all-glass enclosure will give the balcony a contemporary look. The glass can be solid with flat surfaces on the front and sides so the balcony has a transparent look. Think about creating a high-style look by incorporating chrome or brass piping to bracket the glass. You could design the glass in horizontal panels that connect to the metal brackets, or have the glass run vertically and unobstructed. Another option is to design a curved glass fence so the balcony functions as an observation or lookout point.

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel is a choice for those who definitely want to make a design statement. The steel can be die-cut with shapes and designs to create a balcony fence that is full of contemporary appeal. This look will enhance a new building or renovation such as a loft or condominium, especially buildings that are extremely modern and contemporary, inside and outside. The exterior appearance of the unusual balcony treatment will accent the look of the building and set it apart. The building might even become a neighbourhood landmark.

Custom Panels

Panels are another option to give the fence an artistic look. Panels can be made of wood, metal or glass. The panels can include a scene that mimics the environment and surroundings, such as a sunburst for a home that is near the ocean, or a horse for a lodge-style home or retreat. A business could even have a custom-made panels constructed that include its logo on the balcony fence design.

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